Solar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

We can help you decrease the cost of electricity by designing and installing a Photovoltaic System that fits your needs according to your energy usage. We will assist you in the entire process from design, engineering, permits, utility company paperwork and installing a quality system that’s right for you.

There are options available for new solar customers to install solar panels on your rooftop or ground. Some programs work better with battery storage, and others may restrict exporting during certain times or when circuit capacity is reached to ensure grid stability. We will create a personalized proposal for you according to what we believe is best for your unique needs.

Q: How do the programs work?

A: Please visit the HELCO website here to read about the current available programs and how they work. We will create a proposal for you using the program we believe is best for you.

Q: Are there any warranties?

A: Each piece of equipment comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty according to the equipment specified for you.

Q: How does the tax credit for solar work?

A: Each person’s tax situation is different depending on many variables and we highly recommend that you check with your personal tax advisor for your personal situation.

The federal solar credit is taken on Form 5695 and the form and its instructions are on the IRS website.

For Hawaii, the credit is taken on Form N-342. The form and its instructions are available on the Hawaii State Tax website. For Hawaii, the amount of the credit is based on the KW it generates. 5KW is one system for which a max $5000 credit is allowed. Any extra KW qualifies as a separate system, and additional credit amounts.

You may claim the state or federal tax credits for a residential solar panel system by consulting with your CPA or licensed tax advisor regarding the proper way to fill out the forms designated by the State of Hawaii and the IRS for their respective credits. The specific amount of tax credits you are able to claim in a given tax year may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Important Note: We are not tax professionals and are not authorized to provide tax advice to individuals. For formal advice regarding the solar tax credit, consult with a tax professional. The information provided above is from generally applicable, public sources.

Q: How does my residency status affect taxes?

A: Your residency status will affect which tax credits you are qualified to take advantage of. We highly recommend that you check with your personal tax advisor for your personal situation.

Q: What do I need to provide you with to get a solar proposal?

A: The best thing to give us is a copy of your most recent HELCO bill so we can see your average usage throughout the year. If are buying or building a house and do not have a current electricity bill, please give us a call to discuss your needs.

Q: I am buying/selling a house that has a solar system, how do I transfer ownership?

A: Generally you can contact the manufacturer of the inverter brand you have for further instructions.

Q: The company that installed my system is no longer in business. Can have you troubleshoot my system?

A: Of course! We would be happy to assist. Please contact us and we can discuss details. Please note that your system may have equipment covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, but since we are not your original installers we would charge for our labor and any miscellaneous materials not covered under manufacturer’s warranty.